Elimite Lotion

Elimite is used for treating conditions caused by parasites (patristic infections) like lice and scabies. Scabies is a condition that usually affects backs of the knees and elbows, areas between the fingers, sides of the feet, genitals and buttocks, areas around the nipples and wrists, while head lice and pubic lice require some hair to lay their eggs. You will be able to learn more about those conditions after you see your doctor. If you have an urge to scratch any areas of your body, rash, itching or mite burrows, or itchy red bumps, lice eggs on hair or see lice on the scalp, you will have to seek the advice of your doctor and will be most likely supposed to be using Elimite. Elimite is a highly efficient treatment that needs to be applied only once for most patients. You may need to use a nit comb in addition when you are treating head lice. Other than that, it's one simple application. You will have to talk to your doctor about any aspects of your treatment in advance. Your doctor will be interested to know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding at the moment of starting the treatment. This will be important to find out because there is a chance Elimite may pass into breast milk and affect your baby's wellbeing. There is not enough info on how exactly it will affect your child, which is why the risk may not be outweighed by the benefits, and you will need to avoid simultaneous nursing and use of Elimite. You may need to stop nursing for a few days and use Elimite to get rid of the parasite, and then resume the breastfeeding if your doctor thinks this time is enough for the medicine to clear out of the system.

It's very important that you ask your health care provider for exact instructions on how you are supposed to be using Elimite for either of your problems. You will need to keep in mind that except for a few mild side effects of Elimite like rash, redness, diarrhea, mild burning, stinging, nausea, numbness, numbness, mild skin rash, abdominal pain, headache, itching, tingling, dizziness or vomiting and fever, you are likely to tolerate the treatment very well. Your doctor will need to warn you about the possibility of an allergic reaction, which is likely if you have a history of such a reaction to this medicine or chrysanthemums. If you get an allergic reaction to Elimite, you are likely to experience hives, swollen tongue, trouble breathing, closing of the throat as well as swelling of the face or lips and will have to seek emergency medical help. If you are using Elimite cream for scabies, you will have to apply it from the neck down and make sure every layer is very thin, just to cover the skin. You will need to wait from 8 to 14 hours after the application to make sure the mites are dead and then wash the cream off in the shower. A repeated course of the treatment may be required. Make sure you do not use this treatment on your child if he or she is younger than 2. Make sure you always treat stuffed toys, gloves, personal belongings, pillows, clothing, furniture, mattresses, scarves, hair brushes, hats, headphones, bedding or headbands. If you are using Elimite for head lice or pubic lice, you will have to apply a special shampoo and leave it for 10 minutes, rinsing with plenty of water. Before you rinse, make sure you work the shampoo into lather for washing it off easier.

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